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Sick? US Hospitals Deport Patients, Israelis Interrogate Them

Security and financial concerns are preventing some patients' ability to receive medical care both in the US and Palestine.

American hospitals are independently deporting seriously ill or injured undocumented immigrants because of the financial burden, according to an extensive report in the New York Times. Without any intervention of federal or state officials, hospitals privately employ ambulances, air ambulances, or commercial plans to send home immigrants that can't find US nursing homes that will accept them without insurance. Often a death sentence, the only other option to deportation is keeping the immigrants indefinitely in high-cost acute-care treatment.

Across the world in Gaza, Israeli officials are allegedly denying urgent medical care to Palestinians because Gaza residents refuse to spy on their community. To see what those seeking care have to say,


Would-be patients say that, Israeli police interrogate those trying to leave and pressure Palestinians to provide information about their community, if they want the emergency medical care only available in Israel. Those who refuse to collaborate must face the rundown hospitals available in the besieged Gaza strip. Israel admits no wrongdoing, saying that it denies entry for medical treatment for security reasons.

Should saving lives trump concerns like national security and economic survival?


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