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Signs of an Abusive Boyfriend

20 Ways to Spot an Abusive Boyfriend Before It's Too Late

Abusive relationships are hard to recognize from inside, but there are ways to spot abuse's manipulative, controlling behaviors before it's too late. Here are 20 signs that say he might not be so nice.

  1. Makes jokes at your expense.
  2. Checks up on you with calls, texts, and drive-bys.
  3. Tags along, or sends someone else, to "keep an eye on you."
  4. Blames you for his bad mood.
  5. Possesses a negative, disrespectful attitude toward all women.
  6. Acts one way in front of people and another when you're alone.
  7. Gives you the silent treatment.
  8. Accuses you of liking or seeing someone else.
  9. Restricts access to money, the phone, or car.
  10. Ignores or puts down your opinions or accomplishments.
  11. Keeps money secrets.
  12. Reads your emails or texts, or accesses any personal information without your permission.
  13. Has kept you from getting a job or caused you to lose one.
  14. Forces you to have sex when you don't want to, or do things you don't want to.
  15. Makes you account for all money you spend.
  16. Threatens to commit suicide if you leave.
  17. Destroys your belongings — an attempt de-personalize you.
  18. Insists on knowing who you're talking to on the phone.
  19. Falls head over heels in love suspiciously fast.
  20. Has rigid, outdated ideas about gender roles.

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