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Signs He's a Serial Monogamist

10 Signs He's a Serial Monogamist

You know him. You've probably dated him — maybe you are now. The serial monogamist jumps from relationship to relationship so he's never alone. I wouldn't call serial monogamy a deal breaker, but it's certainly a trait to watch. Know what you're getting into before you can't get out by watching for these 10 signs.

  1. He has more ex-girlfriends than you have girl friends.
  2. He's lived with multiple girlfriends.
  3. If it's long distance, he asks you if you've ever considered moving — like near him — before sex.
  4. He was dating someone when you met him.
  5. He says "we" and "us" too early.

Get the final five after the jump.

  1. His family has met multiple girlfriends.
  2. He can't keep track of presents, confusing previous girlfriends' with yours.
  3. He tries to plan on a trip together before you're an official couple.
  4. He tells stories about "friends" but never specifies who they are.
  5. You got back together, but he dated while you were apart.

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