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7 Signs of a Woman Who Will Never Stop Loving You

Signs She's Serious About You

Dating in the 21st century is a flurry of delirious anticipation. There's the potential to meet your future spouse on a number of online platforms at any time — I actually met my current boyfriend on Tinder! — with a simple one-sentence message. On the other hand, the never-ending options sometimes make for a trying dating experience, because sifting through dozens and dozens of interests can mean missing the perfect connection. So when you FINALLY settle with someone you really, really love . . . it's all the sweeter.

At the moment, I'm in exactly that sort of relationship. My guy is by far the best boyfriend I've had — he's an unwavering support system, he's got a heart of gold, and his affection is limitless. I'm the kind of girl who commits 100 percent in a partnership, so in the spirit of loyal ladies everywhere, here are seven signs the woman you're with will never stop loving you.

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