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Signs Your Partner Is Taking You For Granted

11 Signs That You're Being Taken For Granted in Your Relationship

Signs Your Partner Is Taking You For Granted
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A solid relationship calls for mutual appreciation and respect. If one person is putting in all the work while the other sits back and takes without giving anything in return, it could mean serious trouble ahead. It's only natural for the partner who's feeling undervalued to gain resentment and animosity, as people want to feel appreciated and cared for when in a relationship. But there are plenty of signs that that's not the case.

Your partner can show they're taking you for granted in subtle ways, which might be hard to miss if you're very infatuated or in love with them. If that's the case, you might try to deny that these things are happening or focus only on the good in order to settle with the bad. But nobody should have to settle, ever. If you think your partner might not be reciprocating your feelings or gestures, it's time to stand up. Look to these signs if you're unsure.

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