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Signs You're Not Over Your Ex

11 Signs You're Not Over Your Ex

An occasional stroll down memory lane is only natural, but if those "Remember when?" moments turn into an everyday, all-consuming affair, it's time to reevaluate your feelings. The difference between wistful and hopelessly devoted can be a confusing gray area, but if you relate to these signs, you're probably not over your ex:

  1. His Twitter page is one of your bookmarks. If you're still following your ex on Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram, Tumblr, etc., moving on is going to prove more than a little difficult. Keeping tabs on him isn't healthy if you're hoping to get over the relationship, so do yourself a favor and defriend or unfollow if his updates bum you out.
  2. You can't watch baseball anymore because it reminds you of him. Looking back every once in a while is fine, but if you have to give up something you love just because it triggers a memory, there's more to the story. Try creating new memories with different pals so that you associate the hobby with them instead.
  3. He's in your bed. A good rule of thumb: if you're still sleeping with him, chances are you still have feelings for him. There are certainly a few exceptions, but moving on just isn't going to happen if he's still your regular cuddle buddy.
  4. In your phone, his name is "Seriously, Do Not Call." Drunk dials are a real thing, and so are late-night meltdown calls. Can't seem to stop yourself from picking up the phone? There's an app for that. Download the Don't Dial! app, which allows you to block certain numbers for up to 24 hours.

Read on for more signs you're not over your ex.

  1. You call your get-fit plan "Operation: Get Him Back." Working out, eating well, traveling — you should be making those positive choices to please yourself, not to win back your ex. If everything you do is for him or about him, the chances of moving past your relationship are slim to none.
  2. When you say his name (again), your pals roll their eyes. If you tend to bring him up in just about every conversation, you're definitely still holding on to something. Consider why he keeps coming up — out of habit? feelings? — and make an effort to steer your comments elsewhere while you figure out how you feel.
  3. You regularly visit places near his home/work/gym just in case. The "accidental" run-in routine is a surefire sign that you're clinging to the past. Going out of your way to see an ex can turn into a slippery slope, so steer clear of any borderline-stalker behavior by sticking to your usual spots.
  4. Your pillow happens to smell like his cologne. Missing his scent? Something bigger is probably to blame. Feeling lonely postbreakup is pretty standard, but if your pining starts to go overboard, end the isolation and fill your calendar with plenty of plans.
  5. His shirts, his CDs, and a box of ticket stubs are sitting in your closet. Holding on to your ex's things means you're likely holding on to him, too. To mentally cleanse yourself of all things ex, you need to get rid of the physical things, too. Trouble letting go? Give them to a friend until you're able to move on yourself.
  6. Your relationship status is "It's Complicated." Are things actually complicated? Or are they only confusing because you're still into him? There's no need to publicly mourn the loss of your relationship. If you're tempted to post sappy lyrics or bitter, pointed quotes, take a break from social networks until you've calmed down.
  7. There's a certain emo playlist that you've had on repeat ever since. Listening to melancholy songs is not a productive way to move past the pain. If your iPod is full of heartbreak-themed playlists, take an optimistic turn and listen to upbeat songs that boost your mood.

The bottom line: Like any loss, the end of a relationship can leave you bruised and broken — but where's the line between sad and still in love? If these signs sound familiar, take a step back and reevaluate your feelings. Whether or not you're still attached, steering clear of these nostalgic behaviors will help you cheer up and move on.

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