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This video just made the wildfire rounds of the Internet, and the reviews. . . let's just say "scathing" would be a civil way of putting it. Featuring a group of grade school kids called "Sing for Change," (their YouTube page says, "Light, hope, courage and love shine through these non-voting children who believe that their very best contribution to the Obama campaign is to sing,") the video shows an original ditty sung by the kids.

The DrudgeReport linked to the video with the headline "Obama Kids Sing for Dear Leader" a nod to North Korean propaganda. Wonkette was even less kind, and though Gawker called them "creepy kids" they added this visceral rant:

The thought that an actual Obama supporter would round up a few dozen kids in the name of producing such nauseating vacuous reverse propaganda is too depressing, so let's just assume this is the diabolical work of some NRA-funded 527.

The video brings up a host of questions to be sure: Is it okay to use kids in a political campaign? Is this propaganda? Is the video even watchable? The comments on the YouTube page point to a strong distaste for seeing kids put in this position. Does it make you want to hit "stop"?

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