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Matchmaker's 5 Tips to Jump-Start Your Dating Life

We're happy to present this story from one of our favorite sites, Fox News Magazine. Today, Kelsey Harkness shares tips from a professional matchmaker on jump-starting your dating life.

Newly single or stuck in a dating rut? Matchmaker, author and Bravo TV reality star Amy Laurent says it's time to change your ways — but that doesn't always mean calling in a professional.

"Not everybody is going to hire a matchmaker," Laurent says. "Obviously, it's what I do, so it's my one recommendation, but there are other things that people can do to jump-start their dating life."


Are You Hard to Set Up?

  1. Tell people you're single. "A lot of times, people don't know that you want to be set up," Laurent says. "If you're really going to do this, bring it up to people and say, 'I'm ready to put myself out there and start dating.'"

    Get the word out and make it official, she advises. "You never know where opportunities are going to come up."

  2. Leave your house. "You would think it's a no-brainer, but people don't make an effort," Laurent says. Instead, too many singles make plans with their friends, break them, and then complain about never meeting anyone.

    "I'm not saying be a party person," she adds. "All I would ask somebody to do is make a conscious effort to get out of your house, commit to plans and be a little social."

  3. Be strategic with your plans. "What people tend to do is get lazy and say 'OK, let's meet at that corner pub down the street because it's convenient.'" Instead, Laurent advises planning activities or going to places where other singles in your age range will likely be.

    It's also smart to be more deliberate about who you hang out with. "Chances are, if all you do is spend time with your friends who are married, you're not really hanging around single people," Laurent says.

  4. Watch your body language. "Sometimes when you're not open to dating or you're not making it a priority, you walk around texting on your phone, you don’t make eye contact with anyone — you don't put off that vibe that you're friendly and approachable," Laurent says. "You have to be really conscious of your body language, and when you go out to that bar with your friends . . . make sure that you're open to it and you're putting off that vibe."
  5. Look in the mirror. "Don't run out with your sweats with the holes in them," Laurent advises. "I'm not saying put on a full face of makeup to go walk your dog at seven in the morning, but think like a single person." A quick look in the mirror before you leave your house can make all the difference. "I hear so many stories of chance meetings, opportunities that happen in the most random situations," she says.
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