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Skateboard TV Has Stolen My Husband

Dear Sugar
My husband is addicted to watching skateboarding on the Fuel Network on TV. I can't get him to change the channel ever. He just sits there for hours on end watching. Do you know of anything that I can do so we can comprise on the TV viewing? Skateout Suzette

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Dear Skateout Suzette
If he's going to act like a child, then I would start treating him like a child. Tell him that he can only watch one skateboarding show a night. I think that if you limit it to one hour, he'll throw a tantrum like a child would, but one show is sufficient.

Tell him that you aren't trying to act like his mother but after a long day of work there are things that need to be discussed, dinner to be eaten, chores to be shared and sex to be had. Explain that your marriage is suffering because he's stuck in front of the tube all night and that you'd like to spend some of that time together.

Television is passive entertainment that ails those going through some form of emotional pain. It's a socially acceptable way to self-soothe. Your brain actually goes into a passive state when watching TV that allows you to escape awareness and disassociates you from the world. Find out what's behind this behavior. Is your husband feeling sad, stressed or bored?

Someone that is not emotionally free would rather watch TV then be engaged in a marriage, family, and the responsibilities associated with a healthy, balanced life. I am willing to bet that he's going through something involving negative emotions right now if this is a new behavior and that he's sought skateboarding to avoid the issues.

If you completely take away the TV, chances are high that he'll move to internet skateboarding or something else. Just limit his couch potato time and definitely have a heart to heart with him soon. Try going out for a long walk over the upcoming long weekend, preparing a bubble bath for the two of you or making a reservation at his favorite dinner spot. Good luck.

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TrippleC TrippleC 10 years
2 words. Parental controls. Put a password on it. My husband and I have the SAME problem with the world series of poker.
Masqueraded_Angel Masqueraded_Angel 10 years
My husband has the same problem, except it's with the computer. What I usually do is think up something for us to do together, and I keep on pestering him about it until he gets off his butt. :) He eventually got the point.
Adriana42 Adriana42 10 years
how about getting him a job..I wish my boyfriend didnt work as much and had time to watch tv lol
kixstr8up kixstr8up 10 years
i agree it is harmless, but my dad does this, not with skateboarding but with other crap, and it pisses off my mom to no end. what ends up happening is my mom goes in her room and watches what she wants and he sits out there for hours watching was he wants. not healthy
Toronado Toronado 10 years
Oh, and by the way: FIRST!!
Toronado Toronado 10 years
Whaaaat? He's just watching a TV show. Would you rather he go out at night for hours and not tell you WHERE? Dear, "tell him he can only watch one skateboarding show a night", come on. And what if he protests? You'll tell her to take his teddybear away? Go sit in the corner for a time-out? The more you treat someone like a kid, the more they act like one. Let him watch the stupid show. He's happy, he's not out with hookers, what's the big deal?
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