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Dear Sugar
I am thinking about taking the Emagrece Brazilian Diet pills but I don't know anything about their ingredients. What do you know about them? Are they safe? Trim Jim

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Dear Trim Jim
From what I understand, this weight loss system is an over the counter "natural" weight loss program designed to rid your body first of toxins and secondly to raise your metabolic levels to give you more energy and help you burn calories more quickly.

The Emagrece Diet System is supposedly made from Brazilian herbs and are said to also have heath benefits associated with some organs in your body such as: your kidneys, colon, and liver. Results should appear in your second week of the program.

The system is twofold. The first pill is the yellow "detox" pill, otherwise known as Body Cleanse. Body Cleanse is designed to prevent the build up of fatty acids in your body.

The second part is the orange pill or the "energy pill" known as Body Slim which suppresses your appetite and raises your metabolism. It is believed that some of the minerals in Brazilian food such as teas and herbs help to keep Brazilians slim. These are just the ingredients in the Body Slim Pill.

Click here to read an article about the warnings and dangers published about this particular weight loss system.

Personally, I feel like this is all a bit of a gimmick. C'mon guys, you know that the best and healthiest way to lose weight is through exercising and eating right. If you want to try taking pills to "speed" up your metabolism, go right ahead. But please understand that you are doing so at your own risk.

ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 11 years
The "street" ones are basically speed which will make you lose weight. I'm guessing you know they're all risky. You just probably want to know if it works and the answer is that if you buy the speed ones or just speed, you'll lose weight. It's not safe clearly. Watch Requiem.
t0xxic t0xxic 11 years
The only thing I ever took that gave me more energy and I seen results with was stackers. but they turned me into a total bitch. Ive tried relacore Ive tried trimspa that crap doesnt work. Get on ur tread mill hun ~*We FiNd OuT wHaT tHe BaBy Is ToMmOrRoW!*~
vivi vivi 11 years
Im brazilian and Im going to tell you the truth: the is no magic herb, and WE DONT TAKE ANY DIET PILL. The secret is simple: We have a natural, only organic nutritional diet. We only eat fresh, never fried/junk food. And we exercise in a daily basis, lots of walk, walk, walk. We apreciate being health and that said, not being fat. Its all about your culture habits, and life style. No pill will make you loose fat. Good luck!
audreystar audreystar 11 years
that's a good way of putting it, jenn..hilarious.
karmasabitch karmasabitch 11 years
LOL Jenn.. that about sums it up!
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
Remember, Trim Jim - arsenic and Ebola virus are completely natural. Stiiiill not healthy.
karmasabitch karmasabitch 11 years
lol atox.. I agree with you on this one 100%! NO DIET PILLS, PERIOD!!! So far they've been mostly schemes and gimmicks, and they're dangerous.. you never know what will come out about them, usually after people have been taking them for a long time and start keeling over. If you want to lose weight do it the healthy way.. exercise, eat right, and yes, multi vitamins every day are great. Can be frustrating sometimes but at least you know you're not harming your body!
atoxicsparkle atoxicsparkle 11 years
lord help my soul *multi*
atoxicsparkle atoxicsparkle 11 years
diet pills in general are bad bad bad...well, imo...taking a daily multy vitamin will benefit your organs just as much...add a calcium, vitamin c, and a B6 vitamin and there is your metabolism booster WITHOUT the harmful side effects. i know this because i take those everyday.
sanD13 sanD13 11 years
I heard diet pills in general make you break out
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