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Skinny Jeans Pose Health Risks

Will Health Risks Keep You Out of Your Skinny Jeans?

We've heard that skinny jeans can cause tingling thigh syndrome, but in news that will surprise absolutely no one who wears skinny jeans (I even sit half-lotus while meditating in mine!), Consumer Reports physicians say that wearing skinny jeans could also give you bladder infections, yeast infections, blood clots and even fertility problems!

“Once you have those symptoms," NYU assistant professor of neurology Dr. Keith Stiller says with a straight face, "it’s probably not a good idea to for you to keep wearing those clothes.” (Ya think?) What about you — will anything come between you and your Calvins skinnies?

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smiley13tree smiley13tree 7 years
That is weird. But I love skinny jeans and that's all that matters.
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
My skinny jeans and tight jeans are two different things. I have pretty much nonexistent hips and a small butt and skinny jeans work well with my body shape. Really not squeezing anything in.
nourhayaty nourhayaty 8 years
i worship skinny jeans!!!i will wash my jeans more often!
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 8 years
Comfort does NOT equal frumpy. >:( Personally I don't wear skinny jeans, I think they're too constricting. I stick to my comfy flares that look quite good thank you very much.
robinlh912 robinlh912 8 years
I really don't look good in skinny jeans (actually anything other than a flare leg will make me look like a pear on stilts), so I can't say I care much! I can't say I like the look of skinny jeans. Can we get rid of them? ;)
barbsie barbsie 8 years
those tight jeans, tight athletic wear have all caused urinary tract infections. now that i am aware of this i have modified how often i wear these.
margokhal margokhal 8 years
Skinny jeans refer to the style of the JEANS, not the PEOPLE wearing them. Some of the comments above left me confused...people of all sizes can (probably shouldn't, but they CAN is the point) wear skinny jeans, if they fit properly - like any other clothes you wear. I don't buy things that don't fit or that I don't like or don't flatter my figure. Skinny jeans, while they fit pretty well (and I'm overweight), don't feel all that great and I don't like them. That, and I have bigger legs than skinny jeans allow for. I only wear bootleg and flare styles, personally. A lot of people make the mistake of buying the wrong size clothes in general, but definitely with skinny jeans this can become a health hazard. I don't understand why they're popular, really, they don't look that great on anyone - why not just buy leggings instead?
kiwitwist kiwitwist 8 years
I don't wear skinny jeans...and either should 95% of the population. I see a lot of teens walking around looking 30lbs heavier than they probably are... I don't understand why they think they look good in them?!
Pistil Pistil 8 years
I have one pair, but they aren't suffocating me. I understand the kind of pants they're talking about though... seriously, those young guys who squeeze themselves into tighter pants than I ever could (and I have stick-limbs). It is possible to be comfortable and look nice. You don't have to be a fashion victim.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
..wait there are still emo kids around?
staple-salad staple-salad 8 years
Fat + Skinny Jeans = Unsightly. Seriously. I don't know why Torrid replaced all their awesome Tripp bondage pants with emo pants that look terrible on fat people. And this is coming from a fat chick who gets genuine compliments on her legs often. But yeah. Though emo kids with reproductive problems? Huzzah! The next generation is saved!
flowergirl flowergirl 8 years
I'm with equestriennec on this...I don't feel like my skinny jeans are so tight that they would cause health problems.
equestriennechic equestriennechic 8 years
Too tight jeans are too tight jeans, whether they're skinny jeans or not... my skinny jeans aren't skin tight, so I don't see how they could cause any problems.
lemamike lemamike 8 years
I am a size 28/29 and have an hourglass figure. I love skinny jeans, yes i wear them tight but not to the point where i am uncomfortable. it is a personal preference. so i dont think it can just be said that those who wear skinny jeans are wearing a size that doesnt fit them or are trying to be thinner...
roseate roseate 8 years
Too-tight skinny jeans may cause those problems, but appropriately-fitting skinny jeans won't. Why don't they mention tight-fitting jeans with flared or boot-cut legs? This sounds like a case of the media making a big deal out of nothing.
juicebox07 juicebox07 8 years
I only own one pair because it was a present. I feel kind of restricted in them. I prefer open leg jeans.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
I have an hourglass figure. I don't have the body type for skinny jeans. I go for low-rise, boot cut jeans.
Sunbelle098 Sunbelle098 8 years
Honestly, these problems have been said to be caused by any kind of tight pants, including leggings and silk underwear. Just do your laundry and buy the right size.
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