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Dear Sugar
It's almost been a year since my ex 'Ted' and I broke up. We had a tough breakup because he had been cheating behind my back with my ex-best friend. I wish I didn't still love him, but I do and party of me wants to have him back.

The weird thing is that Ted's friend Alan, has been contacting me over the last few weeks. Alan has just gotten out of a long relationship himself, and just like me, he's not totally over her either.

We've been hanging out a lot and he has been giving me clues that he's interested in hooking up. I've been lonely for sometime and have been considering having sex with him, with no strings attached.

I know this will probably make Ted crazy (he has bad temper problems), so is it wrong to want physical contact from someone else? Lonely Girl in a Small Town

Dear Lonely Girl in a Small Town
If Ted cheated on you then why do you even care how feels about you being with Alan? Go out and hook up with whoever you want ... however, I think you should find someone else out of Ted's circle to maul.

He's not the best choice for your one night stand idea. You are still so emotionally vulnerable, the chances are high that you will feel worse once it's over than you do right now.

Plus, what if Ted doesn't get jealous? I know that you still care about him. Are you prepared for your plan to backfire? Don't do this - it's against your better judgment. Just walk away from the both of them.

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