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Slow Sex

Is the Slow-Sex Movement Going Mainstream?

When we wrote about One Taste, a live-in retreat center dedicated to female pleasure, last year, slow sex seemed like an only-in-San-Francisco fringe movement. One that only people with little modesty and a lot of — how do you say? — interest could be part of.

But now the very mainstream sex educator, Pamela Madsen, has coined the phrase "organic orgasm" to distinguish climaxes reached by old-fashioned experimenting from those induced with intricate techniques and sheer battery power.

Pamela's slow sex is less orgasm-centric than One Taste, but both are dedicated to bringing sex back into the moment and eradicating the idea that there's a right way to have sex. With so many types of orgasms — vaginal, clitoral, full body orgasm, G-spot, sex seems primed for a back-to-basics movement. Or is there no going back?

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