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Men Think Their Smartphones Are Turning Women On

I thought it was a universal given that a man walking and talking with a Bluetooth in his ear was a turnoff, but now I am not so sure since a new study found that the majority of men think their smartphones are sexy. So sexy, they turn women on.

If you ask Geek, phones with 12MP cameras and HD video can be sex objects, but there is nothing sexy about them attached to the ear of a man. Yet a study by found that about half the men surveyed said a hip smartphone upped their attractiveness while only 36 percent of women agreed. Granted, that's actually not a huge difference. Maybe there is a girl for at least a fraction of smartphone-creeping guys?

What's most revealing — and what I could have told you — is that men are better off getting a dog than a fancy phone if they want to attract women. More women under 35 say they're more likely to be attracted to a man walking a dog than one using an awesome phone.

Hypothetical question! Say a moderately attractive guy is walking the cutest dog — your favorite type of dog — but is yapping away on the smartest phone to date. Would the phone cancel the dog (and thus the guy) out?

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looseseal looseseal 6 years
I'm too preoccupied fiddling with my own smartphone to notice guys, let alone notice their gadgets. My smartphone: like a vibrator for the soul.
sourcherry sourcherry 6 years
Well, if he has an Android phone I might consider that commom ground and give him a couple of points for that :P But I'm the only one of my friends who would even notice the guy's phone, I'm surprised 36% of women agreed! I suspect it has a little more to do with why does he have a smartphone than the smartphone itself. Although they're everywhere now, people still associate smartphones with businessmen, powerful jobs, etc., which most women consider attractive.
MaruskaMorena MaruskaMorena 6 years
Dogs can be a 50/50 thing. Depends on the dog (big handsome man with a chihuahua is going to be a no from me, same if he has a great dane). I also like men who are tech-savvy, so if he's got a smart phone thats attractive to me. Nothing deflates my interest more than finding he's got a simple phone and can barely use it. Having a smart phone also doesn't mean that he's on the phone. Who actually makes phone calls anymore but once in a great while? Most smart phone users make very very few phone calls.. so you're whole "bluetooth" in the ear is not apt for this comparison. Bluetooth is sooo 2008. Today its smart phones and social media or texting. Dogs however are timeless. So they do have a leg up there. :)
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
no. I'm afraid of dogs. Of being bit. So a dog is a huge NO to me. As for the phone making them more attractive, is that because men think gadgets are impressive? Odd.
amber512 amber512 6 years
I wouldn't have ever approached a guy in general, but even less so if he was deeply involved in another conversation.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
Guy + Phone + Dog = No. I wouldn't want to interrupt the guy's conversation. I couldn't exactly make friends with the dog without asking, so my own dog and I would keep going.
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