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The smell of apple pie always reminds me of my grandmother, who used to make it whenever I came to visit. I'm sure you have certain feelings and memories connected to scents too. And just as they affect us during the day, researchers have found that aromas can influence the emotions we experience when we sleep. Fifteen women in their 20s were part of this dream study. Each had a tube taped to their nostrils and while they slept, one of three scents was pumped through their noses: rotten eggs, roses, and plain air. While they snoozed, their brain activity was monitored. The scientists allowed them to reach REM sleep and after one minute, they woke them up and asked the sleepers to describe what they were dreaming about. The women didn't dream about the specific smells like you might think, but rather when they smelled roses, they had pleasant dreams, and when they smelled rotten eggs, their dreams were just the opposite.

Isn't that interesting? Since a good night's sleep is so important to our health and overall well-being, I'm all for anything that can inspire some delightful dreams, so go out and buy some lovely scented candles or sheet spray for your pillows. Lavender essential oil will also do the trick. Try it, and let us know how it works!


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skigurl skigurl 8 years
too much information lilCROAT
christie christie 8 years
In psychology we're told that before every test: study for the test in a similar environment to your classroom, with familiar smells and maybe with someone who sits next to you in class, use the same pencil/pen, have the same drink, a piece of candy. It works pretty well. A group of us would find an empty classroom in the testing building and sit in the same way we would in class and study that way. I know in physiological psychology I made a high C or a low B on the first test and an A on the second after using that method for the 2nd. It helps calm your nerves and you associate certain situations with certain answers. I spray lavender vanilla body oil on my pillows and sheets before I go to sleep, it's calming and feels good.
caryatid caryatid 8 years
i've heard that too bibliophile - basically recreating any element of what it was like when you were studying helps. i liked to eat peppermints (supposedly boost memory?) when studying and pop one in before a test. if nothing else, psychologically helped me be confident.
rossinaross rossinaross 8 years
are you serious bibliophile?!?!?! am sooo gonna try that! and.. im gonna get my favorite guy perfume [Polo Blue] and spray my pillows with it see what i dream of! :D
bibliophile bibliophile 8 years
Fascinating! I've also read that wearing the same fragrance while studying and then also while taking the test for which you are preparing will help boost your memory and improve your overall performance.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i've heard about studies where certain smells help make you fall asleep faster so i can really understand why they would say that it could affect what you're dreaming about.
lilCROAT03 lilCROAT03 8 years
my bf's farts can be like rotten eggs when he eats beef jerky...which explains A LOT.
skigurl skigurl 8 years
ew! i'd be so grossed out knowing the smell of rotton egg was being pumped through my nose while i was asleep!
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