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Smelly Co-Worker

Dear Sugar
I am not sure how to handle a co-worker of mine who constantly passes gas. I work 12 hour shifts with her and she's always dropping bombs. The rest of my co-workers can't take the stench anymore, but they won't say anything to her about it. I think it's so nasty that I would like to think of a nice, calm way of talking to her or else one day I am afraid I will blow up at her about it. We work as nurses and deal with bad smells all of the time, but her farts stink so badly that I can't take it any longer. She blows whenever she feels like it. Do you have any ideas on how to approach this? Fed Up Felicia

Dear Fed Up Felicia
I don't think you should have to deal with these kinds of poor manners. Where was she raised, a barn? I would take her aside privately and tell her that you don't want to make a big scene about this; but that you and the other nurses have been talking and you are disgusted by her lack of manners regarding her flatulence. Tell her that since she's so open about it that you felt you could confront her candidly and could she please excuse herself and go to the bathroom or hold it in? Tell her that you don't want to embarrass her but that you just can't work with this going on all of the time.

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