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Will Smith Supports Barack Obama, AKA His Next Movie Role

Will Smith says that Barack Obama is only the second political figure he has ever thrown his support behind — the first being Nelson Mandela (Will just helped celebrate Mandela's 90th birthday). BBC got the details about the actor's endorsement, while Will was in London promoting his new film this week.

On why he supports Obama: "I travel around the world a lot, and I was kind of used to people being happy when the Americans showed up. That sort of changed over the last eight years. So I'm excited about the new possibilities of hope and change that Barack is bringing."

On whether celebrities should share their politics: "Individuals have to decide what they want to do. I think I'm a pretty good judge if someone's a good person. So I just lend my support to people that I believe are good people."

Do you agree? Will also had time to stop by the Colbert Report this week, where he mentioned his ears again. He also admitted that he wants to play Barack in a movie! To see Will's interview with his big fan Stephen,



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