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So You Still Want to Let the Ol' Boyfriend Take Nude Pics?

So You Still Want to Let the Ol' Boyfriend Take Nude Pics?

You might not after you get a glimpse, if you dare (extremely NSFW!) of It's so offensive in both content and intent that you'll have to cut and paste it yourself if you want to see it. (No hyperlink!)

I'm letting you know about it to remind you that those naked pictures you give to your boyfriend could resurface for strange dudes to leer at and comment on either because your boyfriend's computer is stolen, someone gets hold of its contents somehow — or he's out for revenge. (And to you folks who just like to post nekkid pics of yourself just because, I'm talking to you, too!)

Here's the premise of this site. On its main page, you see the image of a clothed woman. Some of the women might already have naked pictures of themselves on the Internet as "web-cam girls," but a lot of the photos look like they're just someone's girlfriend who took sexy boudoir photos — and I say "boudoir photo" euphemistically. (We're not talking white corsets and parasols here.) Underneath the clothed image, you can click on a link that will take you to naked pictures. Before you do that (and by "you" I mean some gross guy), you're supposed to guess how the woman grooms herself down there.


Thanks to Weffie for alerting womankind of such pestilence on the Internet. As she pointedly told me, there are photo-removal request instructions at the bottom of the page, which suggests that most of the women featured here have no freaking idea they're there until they see it or someone who knows them sees it. So wrong!

Just another reminder the next time you think only your significant other is the only person who may ever see you naked . . . just think about this site.

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