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Some Contemplate Mr. Right Now

Is it better to live with a less-than-perfect match than to be single? The question is often answered with a guttural and emphatic no in public, but privately, it's probably wrestled with more often than you'd think by those who have contemplated forever.

In an article in the Daily Mail, 38-year-old British writer Lucy Taylor said that she is close to settling for Mr. Not Quite Right But Will Do Because My Time Is Running Out. (I would really hate to be Mr. NQRBWDBMTIRO this morning!) If Lucy doesn't feel romantic love or physical attraction for this guy (two components required to reach the attachment phase), I wonder if marriage makes sense.

Maybe at some point, you have to get practical and come to terms with the shortcomings of any relationship settle. So if romantic love or physical attraction weren't there to begin with, is a long-term commitment possible or even desirable?


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