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And others will pay for the privilege.

This is straight up twinsanity! "Love you like a sister" is a sweet sentiment unless you're 50 years old and spend 10,000 British pounds (about $15,000) to look like your 28-year-old daughter. But that's just what Janet Cunliffe did to look like her daughter Jane.

In her 30s, Janet became unhappy with her breasts, which she thought were too small and saggy. She got plastic surgery in the hopes she could save her ailing marriage, but alas, she and her husband divorced. By 40, she moved to Spain and met someone new, but between ruptured implants, followed by even bigger breast implants, her post-marriage relationship ended. Once she moved back to England to live with her daughter, she began despairing about her age. This led to a punishing round of dieting, plastic surgery on her nose, eyes, and lips, and of course, hair extensions.

Now that people think Janet and Jane are sisters — and sometimes even twins — Janet claims she's happy. "It's not a competition," she argues. "This has always been about my own confidence and self-esteem. I haven't done this to get a man, I'm happy spending time with my daughter and reliving my youth, thanks to my new look."

Socializing with friends her own age, starting a new hobby, and meeting new people (activities to cultivate her inner self) didn't help her — but plastic surgery did? Wow. If this is progress — count me out. Click here to read more about Janet, Jane, and "Operation Overhaul."


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