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Are Some Better Off Being Single?

Here's a post from OnSugar blog Rantings of a Single Girl.

Over the weekend, I ran into an old high school classmate who is apparently on the reunion committee. She asked me if I was coming to the reunion. I told her that I was still thinking about it because a lot can happen between now and September. Then she asked me if I did come, would I be bring my plus one? (Side note: I hate the term 'plus one' but that's another day, another post.) I told her that I was single and would not be bringing anyone with me to the reunion. So she said, "Well don't worry honey! You're still young. You've got plenty of time to find they right guy."

Why does the fact that I am not bringing anyone automatically mean that I'm not seeing someone? Maybe it's a new relationship and I want to spare him the pain of going to my high school reunion. Or maybe we've been in a relationship forever, but he's the executive of a major corporation and is jet setting 2 weeks out of the month. Yeah, right, but you get my point. Not bringing someone to the reunion SHOULDN'T automatically mean I'm single.

Anyway, back to the point of this, I told her that I was going to stay single forever . . . then she spazed out on me. Seriously. "You can't give up on love," she said, "because there is someone out there for you. You just have to find him!" I wanted to go crawl under a rock. This girl used to be the most pessimistic person I knew. To her, boys were just toys. "Use 'em and lose 'em" was her motto in high school (and some of college). Apparently ten years later, a happy marriage and 1.5 kids has turned her into Charlotte York.

Anyway, long story short, after our conversation, I was wondering if maybe I am supposed to be single. You hear that some people are just better off being single. That relationships just aren't their forte. Okay, I don't believe that for me. I've enjoyed being in the relationships that I've been in. It's just the long lasting part that is giving me trouble. But I am a relationship person, whatever that means. I do believe there is someone out there for me. Somewhere.

But do you believe that some people really are better off being single? That some people just aren't mean to be in a relationship but instead just enjoy the company of the opposite sex (or same sex) in casual flings or short-term relationships?

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