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shmoo15 shmoo15 8 years
Jesus! Is that real? I seriously just jumped in my chair
demure20 demure20 8 years
misslarue misslarue 8 years
Last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it.
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 8 years
quitecontrary quitecontrary 8 years
Nice one, peaceloveandpaws!!! I thought the same thing! No kidding here!
peaceloveandpaws peaceloveandpaws 8 years
Heidi Montag in 10 yrs ... just kidding ^^
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
what is that? the lips almost kept me from noticing the eyebrows :faint:
Gravastorm Gravastorm 8 years
Why so serious?
puddlesworth puddlesworth 8 years
I hope its for halloween or a play or something!
mopnglo2 mopnglo2 8 years
Wowza! Who told her this was okay?!?!
dreamsugar dreamsugar 8 years
WOW -- I don't mean to judge -- but that's one surgery too many!
Soapboxer Soapboxer 8 years
AHHHHAAAAHHH!!! Warn me next time.
Nightwink Nightwink 8 years
And her's was the last face they saw before they disappeared.......
jessie jessie 8 years
whoa....tone down the clown face honey....
neonjelly neonjelly 8 years
i'm going to have nightmares tonight... =/
darkangeldaria darkangeldaria 8 years
i think i just threw up a little bit...
se7a7n7 se7a7n7 8 years
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