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Sorority Hazing

Sorority Rows: Tell Us Your Hazing Stories

Let's just get this out there: I was in a sorority. It was fun, because I always had something to do; it was frustrating, because I was always expected to be there. With a smile. By the time I pledged, hazing had mostly evolved into sleepovers and secrets. Secrets, after all, are what bind fraternal organizations. They get Panhellenic devotees out of bed in the morning.

Unfortunately, not all hazing is innocent. The sorority Sigma Gamma Rho has been charged with beating pledges with wooden paddles at Rutgers and San Jose State. I hope no one here has suffered anything so severe, but I would like to know what degrees of hazing still exist.

So whether it was good fun or a pure nightmare, fess up. You can always log out and write anonymously — even we can keep a secret!

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redchick152 redchick152 6 years
i was a sorority girl and never experienced or witnessed hazing of any sort.
JessRose JessRose 7 years
I've only heard negative things about sororities from other girls in sororities. :( and I know only ONE genuinely NICE girl from a sorority and she doesn't mention that she was in a sorority at all - like it's a secret. But San Jose State with the charges... wow. Glad I didn't end up going there.
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 7 years
Spacekatgal - that was funny! I remember that movie :)
LaSigh LaSigh 7 years
Not a sorority girl here, but I worked in the office with Greek Life in college. Ah, the things you learn by just listening- the sorority hazing was worse than the frats! One of the ones on campus assigned their pledges numbers and every time their number was called- it was time to do a line of coke. Another sorority assigned their pledges a guy they had to sleep from their brother fraternity if they wanted to get in. If they didn't catch him- than no entry. Not all the sororities were this way (I think 9 of them were on campus) but these two are the ones that stuck in my memory...
rinerlt rinerlt 7 years
luckily i didn't have to go through much more than sleepovers and secrets as well at my private university in north carolina, but i definitely knew girls who did. there was one sorority that was known for "hazing" on campus. making girls stand on tables and circling their cellulite or fat areas. making them keep food diaries to ensure they were watching what they ate. it was totally demoralizing to my friends who were in that sorority, but some people will do anything to be liked.
likeKlikeJ likeKlikeJ 7 years
going to a private university in orange county, the "hazing", if you could call it that, wasn't physical abuse or public humiliation, it was more of "can you keep up with the initiated members" trials. i had never tried prescription pills (or a lot of things) before being a pledge, but after the pledge process, i'd learned i have quite a tolerance. (except when valium & tequila are mixed. i have no rule in that kingdom) there weren't "trails by fire", just expectations that if you were given a 'challenge', you'd match the older girls' prowess.
amber512 amber512 7 years
I didn't go to a college that had sororities, but seeing movies like the one mentioned above made me never want to pledge even if I did!
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 7 years
I wasn't in a sorority, but my women's college had a sorority-like housing system. When I was a first year we were dragged out of bed at 3 in the morning and had to sing our house cheer down frat row. Then they took us out for dunkin donuts. Embarassing, harmless, and a fun memory.
chatondeneige chatondeneige 7 years
My stories of sorority hazing are nonexistent! Truly, none of my sisters hazed me, and I never saw hazing happen. The worst thing that ever happened was during New Member Sleepovers, sometimes the initiated members would go and move the sleeping bags around or pull cushions off the couch, so the New Members had to rearrange them. Hardly counts at all, though I'm sure we would have been chastised if someone had complained. As for fraternity hazing... well, that's a different book altogether. It's never a good sign when you're having movie night with your boyfriend and one of his brothers bursts into the room, asking to use the blender... and then you hear uproarious laughter and rounds of "EWWWWWWWW"s coming from his chapter room.
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