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South Dakota Pregnancy Crisis Center Abortion Law

What Impact Will South Dakota's New Abortion Law Have on Women?

Conservative politicians wanting to limit access to abortion are working on two fronts. Last month, House Republicans did their best to defund abortion provider Planned Parenthood, which already can't use federal money on the procedure. Now on a state level, specifically in South Dakota, pro-life lawmakers are bolstering anti-abortion "pregnancy crisis centers" by requiring women seeking abortions to get consultations at them.

We've already looked at how crisis pregnancy centers spread misinformation (like abortion often ends in suicide) and disguise their true anti-choice motives. But the bill signed into law by South Dakota's governor this week doesn't hide anything — it wants to discourage women from getting abortions. It requires that women who want to terminate their pregnancies wait three days after talking to a doctor. In the meantime, they must go to a help center to learn about assistance available to "help the mother keep and care for her child."

Gov. Dennis Daugaard's condescending statement on the new rule assumes that it would never occur to a woman to think about her options before discussing her decision with her doctor. He thinks the law will help: "I hope that women who are considering an abortion will use this three-day period to make good choices."

Not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU plan to sue.

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starbucks2 starbucks2 6 years
You don't actually have to wait 2-3 weeks to have an abortion in Germany. You need to have the pregnancy confirmed by a doctor, have a talk with a counselor (who are supportive of whatever decision you make) and then have a different doctor make the procedure at least 3 days after the appointment with the counselor.
Pistil Pistil 6 years
I guess I just like to believe that most people do actually put thought into this decision, without the aide of laws.
atraditionalist atraditionalist 6 years
Well if those poor women really wanted to get rid of their baby then they would do it because a baby is a heck of a lot more expensive and time consuming than an abortion with or without the wait. I don't think there is anything wrong with this law per se. Some people think abortion is nothing -just getting rid of a little something in the body. Others take it extremely seriously. I can see how this law would annoy those who don't think abortion is a big deal. Just as anti choice "jerks" are expected to put up with pro choice opinions and legislation pro choice should put up with anti choice. And it's not about hijacking your body and making you have babies. No one wants to force you to reproduce- you don't want kids don't get pregnant.
ashly83 ashly83 6 years
Or they could choose not to have sex, take birth control pills, etc.. Wouldn't it have been a shame if you where aborted? I may have been coerced, but the counselors in the clinic didn't listen to me either. It's just to easy to get an abortion. A decision like that should be thought out logically and not under a stressful situation. I have talked to people in Germany who had to wait 2 or 3 weeks and most of them went through with it anyway, but they also didn't have a guilty conscience because they got to think it through. Without being pressured by someone. It should be thought out. Until you've been there I guess your opinion doesn't count either. I am not ashamed of my opinion, and although I disagree with yours, I respect yours as well, but I don't find name calling necessary. It's childish and I believe we are all adults here.
Pistil Pistil 6 years
Ashley83, your experience is different. If your boyfriend's mother coerced you into having an abortion then the decision was not made by you, and that is a terrible thing... like laws invented to take that choice away from you. If anything you should be in favor of choice.
ashly83 ashly83 6 years
'anti-choice jerks' is this comment being respectful of someone else's opinion? Just because you don't agree with a certain way doesn't make the other people bad. it just means they have a different opinion than you. You should respect that opinion as much as you would like for your opinions to be respected and not jump into name calling.
ashly83 ashly83 6 years
'To a poor woman, a three-day wait and an extra appointment or two may cause serious stress and financial loss.' If that was all I have to deal with after everything I went through, I think it wouldn't be such an issue. The idea of having a 'fast-food' type abortion is also wrong. As by me, I was misinformed by the woman at the clinic and they didn't care that I told them the woman with me was not my mother and wanted this, not me. Maybe financially I wasn't able to take care of a baby at that time, but it doesn't mean I couldn't have given my child up for adoption to a couple who wanted a baby but couldn't have one. Abortion seems like an easy answer, but it brings a life of regret with it. You never forget that day. Every year on that date I have depression because of it. Even though I have been to counselors and have talked about it. Making it harder to get may make women think things more thoroughly. I wish I would have had that option.
roseate roseate 6 years
While I agree that women should think carefully about whether to have an abortion, I think this legislation interferes with women's right to choose, specifically for those women for whom getting an abortion is difficult logistically. What about those women who can barely afford to miss work? Or those who have to rely on unreliable public transportation to get to appointments? Or those who live hours away from an abortion provider and "help center"? They're going to ask these women to have multiple appointments, to miss multiple days of work, to perhaps pay to stay in the area? This legislation won't stop those in low socioeconomic classes from getting abortions, but it will raise barriers. To a wealthy women, a three-day wait and an extra appointment or two is an inconvenience. To a poor woman, a three-day wait and an extra appointment or two may cause serious stress and financial loss.
ashly83 ashly83 6 years
This is a normal process in other countries. I live in germany and the woman are required to wait a couple of weeks and talk to counselors in that time. The abortion can only take place after these weeks have past. I myself find the idea good. At the time of my abortion the mother of my boyfriend at the time had taken me to get the abortion against my will and had given me false information. I wanted to end my life for the longest time after the abortion and my life has not been easy since then. I believe women need to have more information and Crisis pregnancy centers are a blessing. Without them I would have taken my own life. Why is it that only Planned Parenthood should have their rights(I went to them for information too). Why are people so afraid of a third party giving information? Don't we all have rights? I am glad I had a crisis pregnancy center without them I was really ready to take my own life. They aren't hurting anyone.
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