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South Dakota: A Woman's Right to Choose Is Not That Neutral

"Neutral" Abortion Documentary Popular Among Pro-Lifers

Between Juno and Knocked Up, we know that Hollywood usually chooses life, so when I heard South Dakota: A Woman's Right to Choose promised to cover both sides of the abortion debate, I was, well, dubious but hopeful. And then, I saw the trailer.

While it certainly airs pro-choice and pro-life opinions, the trailer alone pulls your emotions towards life. One girl stares wistfully at a pregnant woman and faints when she enters the abortion clinic, while a pro-choice lawyer takes an extreme, clinical view towards choice. Fetuses are parasites she says, because they cannot survive without the host.

The plot weakened when the LA Times reported the "dramumentary" (its director's words) is promoted by the same marketing company as Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ and Ben Stein's Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, which is about intelligent-design discrimination in schools. It also doesn't help that famous pro-life supporters like The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck have screened the film while not one high-profile pro-choicer has to date.


Check out the trailer, and tell us what you think after the jump.

Source: Flickr User mahalie

greenapplelover greenapplelover 7 years
definitely not a neutral documentary.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
Thank you! Oh yeah, and about the movie being neutral... it doesn't seem that way, considering that no pro-choicers screened it and the one pro-choicer they showed in the clip has such an extreme view she could easily described as a pro-death nut-case, really. Oh well. The last movie I saw in the theatre that wasn't a little kid movie was Fahrenheit 911 (no joke) so I probably won't see it anyway.
mirandapanda195 mirandapanda195 7 years
I have to say the same, I don't agree with everything you say betty wayne- but you said it well and I respect that. I'm really surprised. People with your point of view can sometimes be unreasonable, as well as those with my point of view. Thank you for saying that, it's one of the most well said perspectives on this page.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
I used to be a very unenthusiastic pro-choice child hater (as in, kids annoyed the hell out of me and I hated them) but then when I was 19 I got pregnant and had the choice- I can say for sure now that I'm pro-life. It wasn't an easy choice at all- and my life has been very difficult because of it- but I know it was the right choice. My choice's name is Maggie. She is four. She has blue eyes and blonde hair and she can read five words and write her own name. She loves dinosaurs and ponies and princesses and sometimes she throws temper tantrums and drives me crazy, but I love her more than anything. I can really sympathize with the girls who do get abortions. I might have even had an abortion if her father hadn't been so loving supportive of me. There were many nights I cried myself to sleep wondering how I was going to do this. I strongly considered putting her up for adoption. There are even websites- sort of like personal ads- where couples who want to adopt put their profiles up and girls can pick who their child goes to. It's tough now because I'm not with him anymore. It's better that I'm not- he's been in and out of jail/rehab/psych wards his whole life and he treated me very badly. And it's tough. I was never planning on being a single mother; I re-read that sentence and part of me doesn't even believe it. Maybe someday we'll get to a point when as a country we can make abortion illegal, but I don't think we're ready yet. MirandaPanda is right when she says, "Also if abortion were made illegal than woman would still get them. They would just do so illegally and unhealthfully." We can only work to make birth control more available and to help women make more informed sexual choices, and to make adoption more common and acceptable. And on god and politics in abortion, I think a lot more people would vote democrat if it weren't for the whole pro-choice/life debate. Down with the two party system! I'm not joking when I say that. And life sort of does start with conception. What is the argument that it doesn't? How is that logical? Like I said, I sympathize with the girls that do get abortions- I wish they wouldn't but I really do know what a difficult choice it is- but babies are babies. Seriously. They dream, you know, before they're born. How can something that's not alive dream? Besides the fact that it grows and moves and has a brain and heart... that's the definition of life, isnt' it? 'Sexism is wanting women to give up their careers, youth and dreams to raise children for the patriarchy.' SKG I can't believe you said that! I love free speech too though, so I'm not going to bitch and whine about it. It's all good. Don't worry. I'm not here to fight. No hard feelings, okay? I just can't believe you said that! (If I knew how to do emoticons I'd put a smiley face right here!)
Keke84 Keke84 7 years
I agree that God/religion (whatever that religion may be) is a variable as well in the decision to have or not have an abortion. Just as family, friends, local politics, personal politics, etc. go into the decision. I also agree that it is very presumptuous of Hollywood to try and encapsulate what can be a very monumental decision for some and what may be very routine medical practice for others. But that is what Hollywood does - sums concepts up into a nutshell of 1 to 2 hours and leaves most of it on the cutting room floor. I believe in a woman's right to choose, but pressuring someone be pro-choice is as bad as pressuring them to be pro-life.
mirandapanda195 mirandapanda195 7 years
I am pro-choice. Bottom line is- if you can support a child you should. You made a choice to have sex, and you should live with the consequences. But if you can't. If you aren't responsible or have lack of recources and money, I think it's cruel to have a child. To have a child in a bad situation with no money. A child like that may overcome its surroundings, but chances are it won't. Chances are having the child was more cruel than killing cells. God wants people to be happy. God doesn't want a mother to have severe emotional problems, or with no home and a baby who will grow up knowing that. Republican, democrat- we are all just people. If I ever get pregnant I will not get an abortion. But If a woman feel that is the right choice she should make that choice. Its her decision and no one else's. As for the religious reason-politics has nothing to do with religion. Also if abortion were made illegal than woman would still get them. They would just do so illegally and unhealthfully. I agree with clareberry. Religion is a variable. As far as the movie it seems almost amusing that hollywood thinks they could capture a decision this monumental could ever be captured with film.
Keke84 Keke84 7 years
FYI, the concept of free will in Christianity does not mean do anything without consequence. It only means that you life and choices aren't pre-determined by a higher power.
clareberrys clareberrys 7 years
why do so many people in this country have such a hard time taking religion out of things? Dont christians believe that god gave us free will? So, if we have free will then arent we supposed to be free to make our own choices, including the ones having to do with our own bodies?
clareberrys clareberrys 7 years
anonymous #12- "how does God not factor in the decision to keep a human life? " im guessing that you have never considered that not everyone believes in god first of all and second of all that not all people believe that life starts at conception...
totygoliguez totygoliguez 7 years
Regardless of my personal beliefs, this movie seems very boring. The acting is pretty bad and the story-line does not seems very engaging. It seems more like a commercial than anything else.
rhodes rhodes 7 years
Adoption isn't always a great option either. Sure you could just go give up the baby to some agency but not every child is adopted. Kids bounce from home to home sometimes, and spend their lives in an orphanage. Some of those kids turn out alright, some don't. The system makes it hard for any couple to adopt. If abortions were outlawed there might be tens of thousands of extra kids a year being thrown into that system, then what would happen? Orphanages barely get enough funding as it is.
Keke84 Keke84 7 years
I don't think that the trailer showed that when a teenager gets pregnant, she has the baby and everything is fine. I'm pretty sure the trailer showed that it's a difficult decision to face and that quite a number of factors go into to making the decision. Pressure to have or not to have an abortion were both represent albeit rather dramatically. While I think it's important to have the right to choose, I think detrimental to both the woman and man involved to not address whatever psychological issues they face by having or not having an abortion. Pressure from society, media, family and friends as well as their own feelings towards are important and should be taken into consideration.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
I'm with most others on here. Teenager gets pregnant and keeps the baby and everything's fine? Or single girl has one night stand, gets pregnant, and ends up happily with the suddenly supportive sperm donor? That's more Hollywood fantasy than anything else.
thevioletfox thevioletfox 7 years
I agree with xgreenfairyx, they seem to keep pushing this story that once they have the baby everything will be fine, but it doesn't always turn out that way. I'd like to see a movie explore the other side, or at least show why it is important for a women to choose.
Her-Shoe-Addiction Her-Shoe-Addiction 7 years
This is a very interesting movie clip. It will be interesting to see what comes of this documentary.
xgreenfairyx xgreenfairyx 7 years
I mean, aside from it looking like a crap film? Yeah, it definitely follows the popular trend to go pro-life. Such a shame, but Hollywood and the sheeple simply won't dramatize a story based on the tens of thousands of abortions that happen every year in the US. At least, not in major productions. But its cool to glamorize teenage sexual behavior. Pushing an agenda much? *hears the drone of the media, 'MAKE THEM BREED'*
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