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Spanish Parents Faking Divorce For School Spots

Competition for spots in acceptable state schools is so fierce in Spain, that parents are getting divorces in order to give their children an advantage. Under Spanish law, children living with a single parent get extra points on their applications.

Family courts have noticed that the numbers of official separation rose by 50 percent right before the deadline for school registration. In Spain, spouses can secure a divorce in only five weeks. After school placement is over, officials claim that many couples are back in court seeking reconciliation.

Competition for placement in the few good schools is also causing neighborhood paranoia. To see how,


The BBC reports that private investigators are seeing a flood of business, as snoopy parents want to make sure others are not lying about earnings, addresses, or marital status as a way to get ahead.

Since feigning divorce isn't a crime, can you blame these concerned parents? Should students get extra points towards their selection in a school on the basis of factors like their parent's marital status, where they live, a disability, or economic disadvantage? Spain isn't the only country with educational disparity among state schools. How can government funded schools become more universally attractive?


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