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Spanish Women Most Likely to Make the First Move

Survey says: Spanish women are the most flirtatious women in the world. The study put on by, an online dating site with millions of users over 240 countries, looked at 90 million contacts over one month and found that Spanish women are likely to initiate contact with a man 1.33 times a month, a rate double that of female Brits.

Polish women came in second out of the 20-country list, and Latin countries (those speaking Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese) took up all but two of the top 10 spots. The US placed second to last, right above Ecuador. Still, men everywhere initiate way more contacts than women.

While I was ready to dismiss this as an interesting yet probably inconsequential analysis of online dating data, at least one author on modern-day Spain thinks the results demonstrate a change in Spanish society. He told Reuters: "Until the mid-'70s, the status of women in Spain was lower than in any other European country, except Turkey. Now, you have a country where the proportion of women directors on the boards of big companies is greater than in, for example, a northern European country like Belgium."

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