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Speed Read! American Music Awards Go Gaga

  • Didn't catch the AMAs? Here are the top 10 moments from last night's show. — BuzzSugar
  • Couple arrested for not paying 18 percent gratuity ($16 bucks) added to dinner bill.— Lemondrop
  • London thinks New York City has lost its edge. — The Frisky
  • The US Postal Service is canceling its letters to Santa program because one of the "Santas" was a registered sex offender. — Videogum
  • New Moon brought in $140.7 million this weekend. — PopSugar
  • Katie Couric is not immune to embarrassing Facebook photos. — Gawker
  • Michael Jackson's rhinestone-encrusted glove goes for $350,000 at auction. — The Daily Beast
  • Public support for marijuana legalization is on the rise. — Washington Post
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MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
Tipping is really out of control these days. I agree with the feeling that a tip is guarenteed so things often slip. My husband has worked in some form of the service industry for 10 years now, and often had to crack down on employees because of it. The major problem is that the resturants aren't paying their servers wages, the customer is. The restaurant pays a dollar or two, and the server is totally dependant on the customer to make up the rest of their money so they can keep the electricity on. It's ridiculous. The restaurants need to start paying their servers and tips need to go back to being gratuity, not something that will get you hauled off if you had horrible service and don't add. If you have to get your own silverware, there is a SERIOUS problem. Another thing is, there were only 6 people.. that just isn't enough people to start stacking mandatory gratuity charges on. That's a normal family with 4 kids... way too much. If you read the article, it also came out to 22 percent of their bill, so they were overcharging them as well. Nice. Also, the bartender who was the one they paid and talked to about the poor service let them pay for their meal and taxes, and then called the police. Doesn't even sound like it went to a manager, he just up and called the police. They also only arrested two people out of that group of 6..
Akasha Akasha 7 years
The tipping thing is a huge pile of crap. I understand that restaurants add on a tip if you have a large party, and one of the main reasons is because a good portion of the time large groups will split the check and then the server will not end up with a tip at all or end up will a very small one. But I have fought the 18% automatic gratuity a number of time because for some reason servers feel if they are guaranteed a tip they don't have to work as hard. Each time we fought the auto-gratuity we had a discussion with the manager and explained the situation, and they were more than happy to remove it rather than lose a customer. Once we even did it mid-meal and at the same time requested a new server
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