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  • Children of gay couples speak up for same-sex marriage rights— New York Times
  • Conan O'Brien signs $40 million deal to leave NBC — BuzzSugar
  • Supreme Court's decision means more attack ads during campaigns — Double X
  • Vegas mayor leading NV governor race on booze and boobs platform — Lemondrop
  • Air France to charge obese passengers for two seats — Telegraph
  • Italian TV host succeeds in grabbing David Beckham's crotch — Gawker
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sloane220 sloane220 7 years
@snookyx-actually issac mizrahi grabbed scarlett johannsen's breasts and he wasn't immediately arrested. as for the conan o'brien-jay leno thing- who the f*ck cares. they're still both rich white men, and doing better then pretty much every one else in this recession. i mean conan got $40 million dollars to walk AWAY from his job, while people are still losing their homes. i'm supposed to feel sorry for him or give a damn about him at all? get real!
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 7 years
I can't believe the woman who grabbed his crotch was able to get away with it. If a man did that to a woman and it was filmed I am sure he would be arrested.
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