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The Stigma of Being a Housewife

Would You Be a Housewife If You Could?

No not that kind of housewife, who has a TV crew following you around, but the type that stays at home and runs the house while the husband goes off to work.

In Sweden, The New York Times reports, housewives are practically extinct. And one journalist explains, "The few who still do exist don’t really dare to go public with it." Society used to stigmatize women who worked, but now it's the reverse: women who do not work outside the home (and that doesn't include telecommuters) are judged as lazy, old-fashioned, or economically insignificant.

Despite its reputation, running a house does provide economic value, especially when there are children involved. But most of us who live with a partner or spouse still need the dual incomes and many of us also enjoy the challenges and rewards of having a career. If you didn't need the money, would you prefer being a housewife?

Source: Flickr User x-ray delta one

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