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Still In The Sad Phase

Dear Sugar
My boyfriend and I were together for 2 years. We finally broke up because he lied about everything. Recently, he checked my voice mail and heard a woman asking where her son was. The woman had the wrong number, but he didn't believe me. It was the last straw for me and I finally broke up with him. It was hard, but if he can't trust me, then it won't work. I am really sad though. We have been apart for two weeks, and I think I still love him. Maybe I just am scared to move on because he is familiar and comfortable. This guy at work asked me out yesterday. I said yes - although now I don't want to go. Should I tell him about my situation and how I am not ready to move on yet? Gloomy Gwen

Dear Gloomy Gwen
Take some time to do something nice for yourself. Breaking up and being alone takes getting used to. Your separation still needs to sink in. If you want to, go out with the guy from work. Just explain how you are coming off of a relationship and so you aren't ready for anything serious but you like him and were excited about the chance to get to know him better. Just don't forget to offer to split the check when it comes. He may be a little disapointed that you only want to be friends - so don't let him pay like it's a real date.

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