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Stink 'Em Up! Woman Clears Bank With Her Perfume

Stink 'Em Up! Woman Clears Bank With Her Perfume

This happened in Texas, the land of big hair, and apparently — perfume so strong it landed 34 in the hospital, made dozens of other hapless victims ill, and prompted 150 people to flee a bank on Wednesday after a woman innocently pulled out a bottle of perfume and sprayed.

At first, a couple bank tellers complained of headaches and chest pains. An announcement was made that anyone feeling ill could exit the building — prompting 150 people to split. When all was said and done and it was determined that it was perfume and not a carbon monoxide leak that was making people sick — 34 people ended up in the hospital.

This might be a novel way to rob a bank, all girly-like. Instead of packing heat while wearing a ski mask, just walk in, pull a bottle of perfume out, and start spraying.


Police still don't know what kind of perfume was sprayed that could cause this kind of mayhem. I have my ideas — what do you think it was?


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