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This or That: Stood Up or Nightmare Blind Date?

Recently you’ve been trying out some new ways to meet guys, so you've decide to let a friend set you up on a date with someone from her office. You’re nervous about going on a blind date, but your friend has assured you that it’ll be a perfect match. Regardless, the night of the date, you’re feeling pretty insecure and worried. Would if be worse if . . .

This: You wait almost an hour completely dressed, made-up, and ready to go, but he never shows? You feel completely hurt and humiliated that he didn’t even have the decency to call you.

Or. . .

That: He takes you to a great place, acts like a complete gentleman, but then proceeds to talk about himself the entire night? He's perfect on paper, but he can’t even slow down long enough to get the most basic information out of you.


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