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Story Behind Baby Names

What's the Story Behind Your Name?

I've always enjoyed the symmetry-ish-ness of my name Colleen Barrett. Seven letters in each name, with two Ls, two Es, two Rs, two Ts for four sets of double letters. But it's not all good, because I don't have a middle name — don't even get me started!

My sister just had a baby and based the middle name off the alliteration it created with the first, and I have to say I appreciate that attention to detail. I was telling my friend this, and she told me she was named on a bet. Her blond father said we'll name her Heather if she's a blonde; and her brunette mother said it will be Samantha if her hair is brown. Her name is Heather, and she's still blond.

So whether you like your name or not, tell us how you got it.

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Ficklefaerie Ficklefaerie 6 years
My mom knew I was going to be a boy, so when Dad said he would pick my name if I was a girl, she said "yes". Big mistake! I turned out to be a girl and he wanted to name me Consuela, Sally and another silly name. :) So they decided to name me after my Grandmas, Linda and Gale. So Linda Gale I became. Close one huh?
KibzeeLovee KibzeeLovee 6 years
a street name my mom would drive by on the way home from the doctor while pregnant.
imLissy imLissy 6 years
my parents decided Melissa was too common, so they dropped the M
turtleshell turtleshell 6 years
Michelle, after the Beatles' song. :)
QueenB75 QueenB75 6 years
My parents named me Reina Blair, so my friends would call me Reina B (or Queen B as a joke- but I secretly love it, cause Blair Waldorf is my favorite GG character) :)
CoCoFab8 CoCoFab8 6 years
first name: Khepera, means Everlasting, represents and Egyptian God named Amen Ra. Mom picked out my name. Very unique and very Powerful. Dung Beetle is my symbol, so Iam a God..literaly. Middle name Tahirah...means Pure. Last name Walker...and this is my slave name...go figure.
havok636 havok636 6 years
my first name is sara because my mom really liked the song "sara smile" and my dad really liked fleetwood mac's "sara". my middle name, elizabeth, is for my grandmother. it was her middle name but she went by liz instead of her first name, katherine. i always thought it would be cool for when i have kids to keep the middle name elizabeth for a girl; maybe start a family middle name
savannah-allred savannah-allred 6 years
My name is Savannah, which my dad picked from one of his favorite movies, "Savannah Smiles" His name is George, and thank goodness no one in the family let him get his way and name me Savannah Georgia. My middle name is Beth, which both of my parents hate, but my grandma hated it and when my mom had just given birth to me and was drugged up, she convinced her to change it to Beth, after my aunt.
bethinabox bethinabox 6 years
My dad really liked the name Beth, but he didn't want to name me Elizabeth, since then I could be called Lizzie or something else, so they decided on Bethany. I used to dislike my name but now I do like it. My middle name is Lynne, because they liked the way it sounded with my first name. Bethany Lynne. I like it well enough. :D
gd101 gd101 6 years
I got mine from a Spanish soap-opera! Lol.
luv2blazy luv2blazy 6 years
I was named after Victoria Lord from One Life to Live. I think the second choice was Elizabeth. Either way, after a queen.
marshmollie marshmollie 6 years
My parents decided to name me after my great-grandmother on my father's side of the family. Her name was Mollie -- with an 'ie'. For some reason they named me Molly -- with a 'y'. Lo and behold, it doesn't end up being the unique name they thought they were giving me. I graduated with 4 other Mollys.
MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
Oops - forgot to put my kids. I chose Kairi after hearing it on a video game and falling in love with it. Its pronounced ky-ree. Its kind of like the masses of kylea's and kayla's and such, but I like it anyway. People usually either pronounce it Carrie or ask me what made me make the name up.. My husband chose our son's name from his absolute favorite book series, The Wheel of Time. We named him Rand. Most people hate it, haha. I get lots of, oh.... well its a very manly name. If you pay attention, you actually run into a lot of Rand's.
MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
My mom had no idea what she was going to name me. After she had me, she saw me and decided on Katrina. I'm kind of a crazy planner, I really need to have things planned in advance, I couldn't do that!
carmv carmv 6 years
My mom's name was Carmelita after Our Lady of Mount Carmel. She named me Carmelissa after heself. I love my name :)
C-Ruth C-Ruth 6 years
My parents had picked out Kate, Kelsey, or Grace. Apparently whenever they tested out those names I cried. One of my mom's best friends had a daughter named Claire. They liked it and gave it a try, I stopped crying. I have been know to stand in front of the mirror and say those three names, and figure out how I felt about them. I would have regretted Grace, I am not sure Kate would have been appropriate, though it is a lovely name. Kelsey I maybe could have gotten used to, but it is a bit average. I like my first name. As for my middle name, my sisters both had middle names the same as my great-grandmothers' first names. I ended up Ruth. Which I thought was an old, unappealing name when I was a kid. But now I like it, Claire Ruth. I also always sign my name Claire R. SURNAME.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
MeiGaku, I love your name! I think that sounds so cool. I was about to be named Heather, but my parents were religious watchers of the show Dallas. There was a character named Jenna on the show and they decided they loved the name so much they chose it for me. Very 80s origin ;) My middle name is an Irish family name from my dad's side of the family. I love my name. It's easy and simple without being way too common.
zeze zeze 6 years
I'm named after one of the strongest and most influential women in faith :) and I love it!
gingirl gingirl 6 years
I was supposed to be a Jessica, but my mother said I didn't look like a Jessica when I was born - too dark, apparently (oh the irony now, as I'm the palest of my siblings...). So she named me Kerri Leigh. I love my name! Leigh is technically my middle name, but I usually introduce myself with both. My brothers' is slightly more interesting; my mom wanted to name his Christopher, but didn't like the spelling. She was a fan of Kris Kristofferson (I think that's how he spells it), so she spelled my brother's name similar. He loves it now, but when he was younger, it was such a hassle because nobody had ever heard of the way we spelled Kristofer. My mom would try to call him in sick to school and they would say "Oh, we don't have anybody by that name in this school!" His nickname became "Kris with a K" lol
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
#3, you brought up two interesting stories! The first is that my niece's name is Karen Marie. Yay! The other is that I, too, got denied the chance to name my baby. I had a c-section. I was unconscious. I had a list of six girls' names for our daughter, and although her dad loved the name Elizabeth, I was going to argue my case for Anna or Sarah. But by the time I woke up, she was Miss Elizabeth Jean. As for me, I was named by my dad. My mom named my twin, and my dad named me. He says he picked the name because "It would look good on a resume." :eyeroll: My mom says he picked the name because he was in love with some lady on TV named Jennifer.
neonbee neonbee 6 years
My mum wanted to name me Georgina or Dawn, but my dad wanted to call me Ramona (ew, no offense). They finally settled for my name, which means strong & bitter... Fits perfectly with my personality, I reckon.
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