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What makes this story even stranger for me is that as I read it, I was reminded that I had a dream last night that I got married and immediately regretted it! Perhaps I was having sympathy pangs for the following Polish couple living in Hanover, Germany.

Right after they tied the knot, the 50-year-old groom told his 34-year-old bride that he wanted the marriage annulled and never wanted to see her again. She agreed. (Hmmm. They seem to agree on the fundamentals — if only they'd stuck it out a little longer! You know, like maybe an hour longer.)

Think this is bizarre? It gets weirder. After their civil ceremony, things got pretty uncivil. The unhappy couple began fighting, during which time the disgruntled groom tried to cut his new bride's hair with a kitchen knife. (Which he just happened to be carrying? On the day of his wedding? I'm so confused.)


She called the cops, got a restraining order, and he spent the night in a homeless shelter. Even my dream last night was less baffling than this.


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