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Stranger Than Fiction: Policewoman Moonlighted as Prostitute

Claiming that she couldn’t survive on her policewoman’s salary, Victoria Thorne, 29, became a $170-hour call girl for the Notorious Girls escort agency in Sunderland, England, for years before being caught. Not being particularly discreet about this second job, Thorne posed in her underwear on the agency’s website.

In addition to flouting the law she was supposed to uphold, Thorne also accessed confidential police files to get information on Notorious Girls’ rivals. After a months-long investigation, Thorne was arrested and sentenced to 15 months in jail.

You hear about the occasional rogue police officer who confiscates, say, a cocaine stash from dealers, only to be caught later selling the stuff for profit. I wonder if Thorne’s case will be viewed on par with something like that — or if the sexual nature of her criminal behavior will bring harsher reproach from her fellow officers.


Aside from her rifling through sensitive police files and the fact that prostitution is illegal (yeah, I know, that's pretty bad) — do you think prostitution is as bad as drug dealing?


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HIRAM517 HIRAM517 7 years
emilehirsch emilehirsch 7 years
ahahahhahahha! sunderland is a relativley small insignificant city and i've never ever seen it publicised anywhere, ever in my life. i live like 5 miles away from it, and although i appreciate that it's for all the wrong reasons, but i actually got really really excited when this article gave it a mention. i'd never ever sell myself but i think the people who want to should be allowed, it's their lives, she'll have lost her job anyways.
hitmanblues hitmanblues 7 years
First off the policewoman moonlighting is beautiful to say least, second she is fulfilling a public need and not stealing or murdering, Prostitution is the oldest profession practised by women in history. Now as to this and comparing it to drug selling. Drug selling is a form of killing as it kills a living tissue the brain, turning the user into a veggie which has to be supported by the public. There by it is obvious as to the differance and drug sellers need to get a minimum of 25 yrs for murder of a living tissue..the brain. What the policewoman is doing kills nothing, it is providng a service for a need that is normal in a human. The only wrong she has done is to work as a cop and a prostitute at same time as she would know where the best deals for her were at by doing so.
staple-salad staple-salad 7 years
And to quote the late George Carlin: "F-ing is legal, selling is legal. So why isn't selling f-ing legal!?"
staple-salad staple-salad 7 years
Prostitution should be legalized. And women like her are the reason. Was she forced into it? Probably not. Did she go into it because SHE wanted to? Presumably. Was she having fun and enjoying her night job? Since she didn't quit, I'm guessing so. Does she think it should be legalized? Fairly obviously. Did the company treat her well enough that she'd risk her other job to help it? Obviously. Not all prostitutes are doing it against their will, and not all of them are controlled by abusive pimps. Legalizing it would make it safer for the prostitutes and make it so only the women who wanted to would do the work. I don't think she should get more than 15 months because prostitution isn't really a crime if the woman (or man) doing it is doing it completely of free will. However, she should be punished for the riffling through the rival companies files and abusing her position as a police officer.
mikeymike1681 mikeymike1681 7 years
Thats BS cause she is gettin paid for her time and if she chooses to "do" someone thats her business. Their is alot bigger problems in the world other than stupid s*** like this and look at all the political people and powerful pillars of society that get caught and get probation. NO different then her bein a cop and that should have no bearing on what she does on her own time.shes still a human and is finding the best means for her to survive. the porn industry brings in BILLIONS in tax dollars (THEY ARE GETTING PAID FOR SEX) this world is very very screwed up anymore. I would just like to add i would love to get with her when she gets out (LOL) dam shes hot!!! you go girl
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