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Strangers Have Public Sex in Front of Chula Vista Shop

Teen Prom-Dress Shoppers Get an Unexpected Sex-Ed Lesson

It was love at first public-sex arrest. This really is the kind of news story you have to see to believe (which, thanks to a shop owner's video, we can). A couple of strangers who had apparently just met and didn't know each other's name took their romantic afternoon street make-out to the next level by stripping and getting it on — all in front of a dress shop in San Diego, where unsuspecting teens were shopping for prom dresses. The store owner, who filmed the "full-blown sexual escapade" (as the newscaster called it), said, "Her legs were in the air, and the guy was on top. We were so shocked, our mouths were just opened." We can only hope this was a valuable lesson for those teenagers: don't have sex with strangers on the sidewalk in broad daylight. Watch the video now!

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