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Stress-Relief Kit: Thinking About Your Day

At least once a week, set aside 5 minutes after dinner to review your day. Ask yourself How did I handle things today? How is that different from a year ago? Avoid the question How was my day? The trick is to focus on what can be controlled -- like your response to stress or your ability to take action -- and to use language that will help you feel more in control. Give it try.

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While you're at it, find a motto or a mantra you can repeat to yourself in times of stress or to interrupt any obsessive, runaway train of thought. I keep several handy, but these 2 get a lot of use: Courage, courage, courage, cowboy and Mistakes will be made.


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Jennifer24 Jennifer24 10 years
Good suggestions, I am thinking of practicing Buddhism, some how the chanting and beliefs put me right at ease with the world. Perhaps I will give Patience, Patience, Patience and try...starting right now ...evil stressful job jen
wiggle wiggle 10 years
lately my mantra has been patience, patience, patience. I have become so short tempered with my kids since the stress level of my job has increased. I think taking stock is a good idea, reveiwing the situation after the fact to learn what you could do differently.
lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
lately i comfort myself with "you're not dodging bombs in a third world country". sort of my "things could be worse" pep speech. i've gotten much better at handling stress over the last several years. as long as it doesn't all pile up at once i can deal. i think part of the "stress" of bad stuff is denying that it's happening. once you accept that bad stuff happens TO YOU you get better at dealing with new issues. practice-practice-practice, lol.
iheartfooty iheartfooty 10 years
I think it is a good tip along with my C.B.T. I have older relations and all they say, "It was different in my day, i had kids to worry about so I didn't get depressed" Doesn't exactly help your mood?
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