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Studies About Birth Control

The Most Surprising Findings About Birth Control

You know that your birth control helps to prevent pregnancy, but did you know it may be causing painful orgasms and affecting your taste in men? If you're on the pill, it's important to know exactly how that dosage affects your body and behaviors. To stay informed, take a look at these fascinating study findings about birth control:

Women on Birth Control Prefer Feminine Guys

Feeling more attracted to less-masculine men? Your birth control may explain it. A 2013 study of college-age women in the UK showed that women on the pill were less drawn to masculine features like sharp jaws, prominent brows, and angular face shapes.

Low-Dose Pills Can Make Orgasms Painful

According to a new study conducted at NYU Langone Medical Center, low-dose birth control pills make sex more painful. Based on her research of about 1,000 women, low-dose pill users were twice as likely to report pain during or after orgasm.

Binge Drinking Increases the Pregnancy Risk For Pill Users

Those extra weekend cocktails may make your birth control less effective. According to 2012 reports, binge drinking can increase the risk of pregnancy because the unfortunate cycle of heavy drinking and vomiting often leads to unprotected sex.

Free Access to Birth Control Lowers Abortion Rates

The link between birth control and abortions has long been debated, but the findings of a 2012 study show that providing free birth control could prevent 41 to 71 percent of abortions. When researchers supplied more than 9,000 teens with free contraception methods, the program reduced the group's abortion rate by 62 percent.

Women Are Misinformed About IUDs

A recent survey showed that the majority of women have false perceptions about the safety and effectiveness of IUDs. The study participants didn't know that IUDs are more effective than the pill, which means that one of the most safe, successful methods of birth control is widely underused.

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