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Studies About Casual Sex

Fascinating Findings on Casual Sex

If you've ever wondered how hookups affect you, what people think of playboys, or whether "booty calls" have guidelines, then rest easy knowing science has the answers. With the help of a few studies, we're taking a look at what research says about casual sex. Take a look at these surprising findings on everything from women's sexual power to the real meaning of "friends with benefits"!

College Hookups Are Good For Women
Feeling bad about your no-strings-attached relationship in college? Don't! In 2011, researchers at North Carolina State University found that casual sex allows women more sexual power than classic dinner dates. The study doesn't look down on dating or promote reckless hookups, but the data shows that in casual-sex situations, students are more open to women taking the sexual lead, while in more formal dating environments, they slip into traditional gender roles.

Guys Get the "Slut" Label, Too
It looks like no one's free from sexual judgment these days. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago studied data from over 19,000 college students and found that about half the subjects lose respect for anyone who has sex with "lots of people" — regardless of gender. Findings showed that 48 percent of students judged men's and women's sexual activity equally, 12 percent judged women more harshly than men, and 13 percent judged men more harshly than women.

Casual Sex Has Rules
A researcher at the University of Ottawa found that there's a specific code to identify different sexual relationships. Looking at people ages 18 to 27, she found that the four most popular casual sex terms are "booty call," "friends with benefits," "one-night stand," and "f*ck buddy." Each term has a different meaning — for instance, a "booty call" usually involves a late-night text, while "friends with benefits" involves two people who were friends first.

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