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Today's Duh News: Study Finds Having Kids Causes Weight Gain

The headline "Having Kids Might Make Young Women Heavier, Less Fit" is far from groundbreaking, and in fact, it leaves me scratching my head at how these results are making headlines in the first place.

With the weight gain of pregnancy, sleepless nights with a crying baby, stressful schedules devoted to extracurricular activities over gym time, fast food pit stops for picky-eating kids, and less money and time for healthy home-cooked meals, is anyone really surprised that parents of young children are less healthy than adults without kids? I doubt it. I guess it's possible some people are shocked by this "news" with all the superhuman celebrities who magically drastically drop the baby weight weeks after childbirth, forgetting that many women without personal trainers, dietitians, and nannies may not rebound as quickly (or ever) to their prebaby weight.

We love looking at love, sex, and relationship studies to gain insight into the how and why of what we do, but maybe these latest findings have tipped me over into a state of study-fatigue. What's the dumbest study you've ever come across?

Source: Flickr User flequi

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