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Study Reveals Shopping Linked to Periods — Who Cares?

A lot of times research studies reveal conclusions that make me say duh. Did you know science proves that men remember the bodies of women clad in bikinis better than those of fully clothed women?

Today the British Psychological Society revealed that in the 10 days before their periods, women are more likely to go on a spending spree. The revelation that women make hormone-induced bad decisions has me thinking: can some "studies" double as useless and detrimental to society?

The study, which surveyed women about their spending habits, concluded that women were more likely to buy on an impulse during the later stages of their menstrual cycle, thanks to a reaction to intense emotions and hormonal changes. More than half overspent by about $50.

Do you need a study to tell you to put the credit card back in your wallet? You don't really want that new pair of shoes, you're just being hormonal! Is this study eye-opening or does it simply further a stereotype?


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