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Did Sex in Your Teens Help or Hinder Your Academic Life?

The hot-button issues surrounding teenage sex run the gamut from risky birth control and losing your virginity to unplanned pregnancies and tiny condoms, with no shortage of PSAs thrown in for good measure. But even with all the warnings and scary ads about why teens shouldn't do the deed, one recent study says it's the context of sex that's important.

In terms of purely academic measures (including GPA, truancy, and dropping out), this study, "Sex and School: Adolescent Sexual Intercourse and Education," found that adolescents only having sex in committed, romantic relationships were more similar to abstainers with their positive results than those having sex outside of a relationship. In short, kids having sex with uncommitted partners had more problems in school than kids having sex in relationships or not having sex at all.

If you were sexually active in your younger years, did you find it affected your academics? Do these findings match your experience and the experiences of your peers?

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WarEagleNurse WarEagleNurse 7 years
Venus1 Venus1 7 years
On reflection I agree with the above post. I think it did help with the stress relief which was a significant benefit.
Venus1 Venus1 7 years
I was sexually active from my 15th birthday (I'm now 33); it had no impact what so ever.
chequettex chequettex 7 years
I wasn't sexually active when I was in school but I think that smart kids who have smart (safe) sex are not going to have a problem academically - it's like any other extra-curricular activity. I could see how not-so-smart kids having not-so-safe sex would be affected by it though. Pregnancy and stress about possibly being pregnant or having an STD would contribute to falling grades.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
I only had sex for the first time after I graduated, although I did have a few boyfriends, so this doesn't really apply to me, but in general I had good grades and never found relationships to affect my performance. The only time a relationship (not sex but more like a breakup) affected my performance was in college when I needed to ask for an extention on a paper due to a bad breakup, but even then, my grades were still good, I went on to get a Master's and now have a wonderful bf and healthy sex life.
socalbeachgal socalbeachgal 7 years
I had sex as a teen both in relationships and casual hook-ups; graduated near the top of my high school, have a master's degree and am happily married.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 7 years
Neither, since I didn't have sex when I was a teen. It'll be much much later :)
Gawjuslayd Gawjuslayd 7 years
Judging that I got pregnant in my junior year, I would say, yes. Although, I did get my GED and graduate a year early, soooo maybe not afterall.
juicebox07 juicebox07 7 years
Neither. I didn't have sex until I was done with high school.
amber512 amber512 7 years
I didn't have sex until after marriage, so it didn't affect me either way.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
I didn't have sex then, but I'm sure it wouldn't exactly have helped me in school. I already spent way too much time looking at porn and stuff like that. Haha.
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 7 years
I didn't have sex in my teens but my friends who were having sex in stable relationships didn't do any worse in school, so the findings match my personal experience with it. The promiscuous kids all seemed to have issues either with esteem, disease, pregnancy or general delinquency.
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