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Study Shows West Coast Is Happier Than East Coast Based on Twitter

Want to Be Happier? Move to the West Coast

I question California gurl Katy Perry's decision to sit naked on a cloud of cotton candy, but she's smart to think grass might actually be greener in California. When it comes to happiness, the West Coast is the best coast — at least among people who use Twitter.

Researchers from Northeastern University spent three years looking at 300 million tweets and found that people out West are much more likely to use positive language. The study says that "tweets suggest that the West Coast is happier than the East Coast, and across the country happiness peaks each Sunday morning, with a trough on Thursday evenings."

Each tweet was given a mood score. If the 140 characters or less included words like "funeral," "rape," or "suicide," the mood score would go down. Words like "love," "diamond," or "paradise" indicated a happy mood. Still, the "pulse of the nation" study has its problems. For example a tweet that says "I'm not happy" would count as positive because it includes the word "happy." We can only know so much about tweet sorrow.

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