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If you have a big decision to make, you might want to hurry up and make it before the sunny Summer's over.

New research reveals that not only are people more moody on cloudy days, but they actually have cloudier brains too! During a study on strokes, researchers coincidentally discovered a positive correlation between cognitive impairment and gloomy weather. While the study focused on people already prone to depression, experts say the findings can likely be extended to others. So you're probably better off making big decisions on days when the sky is clear and so is your mind.

Does the weather ever impact the way you think?

Source: Flickr User xlordashx

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alphaxigirl07 alphaxigirl07 7 years
for me, that is definitely true. i think when the weather is nice.. meaning the sun is out, but it isn't overly hot or cold, but warm, that i think the best and am the most productive. when it is rainy, cold, or snowy out, i just want to crawl into my bed and be a bum all day. when it is toooo hot out, i am just thinking about how hot i am and how i can cool off ha!
vanitypot vanitypot 7 years
living in an *almost* daily sunny, tropical country, i can say that cloudy, sun-less weather is way better for me :D so it's quite the opposite of what the study suggests: i'm more inclined to make big decisions (or at least, get my head cleared) on cloudy (especially windy! i love wind haha :D) days! :)
Pistil Pistil 7 years
It's been cloudy and wet here all week. Finally today after work I spotted some sunshine and I literally yelled out, 'OMG, the sun!' to myself, in my car. Weather can definitely have an impact on my mood, but it varies. Sometimes when I'm feeling depressed, sunny weather makes me feel worse because even though it's beautiful outside, all I want to do is hibernate.
a-million-suns a-million-suns 7 years
I definitely function better on sunny days. That's part of the reason I hate winter (that and THE COLD).
dikke-kus dikke-kus 7 years
I think it could. I used to live in Wisconsin and you can have the bleakest coldest gray skies there you've ever seen for days on end. It can give you the creeps especially in the harsh winters. It can make you feel small. Then suddenly spring hits and that land turns into a paradise with birds chirping. Seems like every one's in a great mood then. Now I'm in Florida and you can get an overdose of sun here. Sometimes its better to have a rainy day to suit your mood though.....
skigurl skigurl 7 years
i was also going to reference SAD...i lived in a rainy climate for a couple years and it was TERRIBLE. i didn't suffer from depression (i'm not really that kind of person) but i could totally see how some people would and given how down you feel when it's rainy out, i can see your mind being a bit cloudy as well
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 7 years
I don't get affected by "seasonal affected disorder" or whatever, but I get the validity of it and understand this clear day/clear thoughts thing also. environment obviously has an emotional and mental affect - I have to clean and organize if I have major tasks at hand
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