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Proof That Stupid Questions Do Exist! You know those people who speak before they think? Well, we got a sampling of them right here:

  • "What day is New Year's again?"
  • "How much is that $10 watch?"
  • "I hate stereotypes. We Canadians don't really talk like that, eh?"
  • "When I press on my brakes, the car doesn't stop. Do you think this is something I should have fixed?" -- Asked of a worker at an auto repair shop.
  • "If you record silence on a tape and then play it back with the volume all the way up, will that drown out the noise in the room?" -- Asked by a woman of her boyfriend.
  • "How do I tell the difference between the big staples and the little staples?" -- Asked of a fellow office worker.
  • "The Renaissance was during the 1920's, right?" -- Asked of a high school student by another.
  • "Where do you think water comes from? The SKY?" -- From an overheard argument about water conservation.
  • "Do you want specific information in general or what?" -- From an overheard conversation between two managers.
  • "I wasn't able to tape Oprah. Could I possibly come down there and watch it?" -- Asked of a local television station.
  • "Oh, honey, here's a watch store -- maybe they have it. Do you have any toe rings?"
  • "How do I get my car fixed?" -- Asked of a health insurance company.
  • "Isn't it funny how Thanksgiving lands on a Thursday every year?" -- Woman, overheard in a diner.
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GIOVS GIOVS 10 years
mmm duh!
Marci Marci 10 years
I've gotten other answers to these, too: Who's buried in Grant's Tomb? What color was George Washington's white horse? And two true stories: A group of us were out for dinner and one girl said "This is great. We never come here for dinner." Another girl looked at her and asked "Oh! What do you usually come here for?" And at the supermarket (same girl). The sign says: Special Bananas .19 per pound. She reads the sign and asks me: What are special bananas?"
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
I hear ya.
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