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Submit Your Ideas For a New America at

At you can submit your ideas for the Obama Administration, as well as comment and vote on other submissions. On Inauguration Day, the top-10 ideas for change will be presented to President Obama. Right now citizens are discussing ideas such as a Do Not Mail Registry to Stop Junk Mail, Single-Payer Health Insurance for All Americans, Vegan School Lunch Options, and End the Phony War on Terror.

But some users think is out to Those who posted popular suggestions for a new investigation into 9/11 or those who suggested abolishing the Federal Reserve claim they got an email saying that their topic had been removed because it "lies outside the scope of the Ideas for Change in America project, which is focused on identifying solutions that we believe can, through a grassroots lobbying effort, receive serious consideration from the Obama administration and/or Congress." If the group censors controversial ideas and handpicks its own top 10, can the result really be called a citizen-generated agenda?

Of course, you can always tell Obama your idea directly through his official website ( not — but no commenter feedback promised there!

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Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
Yeah, of course it can still be considered a citizen-generated agenda. Choosing not to listen to a few kooks doesn't invalidate consideration of the ideas of the rest.
stephley stephley 8 years
Jill never said she wanted anyone to explode. That was me. Neither of us has to worry though about the ramifications of any Bush policies ever being shown to have been good. Ain't gonna happen.
StolzeMama StolzeMama 8 years
And jill, my head might explode... lol But you would probably like that since you wish politicians to explode, why not those that follow them. And it would be like you exploding if any Bush policies are ever shown that they were good. You just wouldn't be able to believe that since you believe all of the media hype.
StolzeMama StolzeMama 8 years
mydia- it was trying to show how i said it. I didn't say that this was his program. Like it was him and HIS program. That's what I was referencing to. I do think he is a joke his programs are jokes and THIS program is a joke. I was simply trying to show that I never said this was his program. Read my comment again before trying to argue with me.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
I will only go on there if i can make an official "change" zwinky in my image.
mydiadem mydiadem 8 years
'I didn't say him and his program were jokes.' Yeah you did, like three times in your post: 'and so is he' 'I will continue to think he is a joke' 'So yeah, my belief of him being a joke'
Jillness Jillness 8 years
I just hope that your head doesn't explode if one of his policies actually ends up doing some good. I don't know if you could handle that! ;)
StolzeMama StolzeMama 8 years
"I find it so interesting that you and Hainan didn't even check to see if it was even related to the Obama administration before you started bashing him." I don't really care if it is related to him or not. I don't think I bashed HIM regarding this website. I said that this program was a joke and so is he. I didn't say him and his program were jokes. And I don't have to wait and see what he does and "weigh his choices based on their merits" because EVERYTHING he stated in his campaign should be what he tries to do. And if he doesn't, then some American people were duped. And if he does, then I will continue to think he is a joke, because I do not believe his policies will do much for the economy. I mean, crap, he is trying to recreate the new deal which many historians believe was a total failure and did nothing for the depression. So yeah, my belief of him being a joke is for far more than this website.
janneth janneth 8 years
Stephley, haha.
stephley stephley 8 years
Cool idea Bastyle - I gave it a thumbs up. I think the thing we needed to change most in America happens on January 20, 2009.
CoralAmber CoralAmber 8 years
Can we have a poll about what we want Obama to tackle first? oh, wait, that's the economy. Ok, I mean what we feel is most important to change in America.
bastylefilegirl bastylefilegirl 8 years
LOL at the arguing.... I actually just submitted an idea just for kicks
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 8 years
Fair enough Mich. Thanks for the correction!
Michelann Michelann 8 years
Pop, it's still censorship, it's just not government censorship. They are certainly within their rights.
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 8 years
It's not censorship. They can remove whatever they want. Kinda like citizensugar.
stephley stephley 8 years
It's interesting, as I read the post I immediately thought that it didn't sound like an Obama-connected group - if for no other reason than they sounded clumsy in their handling of certain suggestions. Obama's people haven't been clumsy. So I clicked the link.
Jillness Jillness 8 years
I just hope it isn't a reflection of things to come, that is all.
Michelann Michelann 8 years
Jill, the post originally made it seem very much like this was Obama's organization, and my post was based on that. A careful analysis of comment number 15 would have helped you figure that out. So perhaps I'm not the only person jumping to conclusions here. Would it make you feel better if, after Liberty changed the article to reflect the truth, I'd amended my comment to say "this organization doesn't really care what people want, they just want to make it look like they care"?
Jillness Jillness 8 years
"Obama doesn't really care what the people want, he just wants to look like he cares" I find it so interesting that you and Hainan didn't even check to see if it was even related to the Obama administration before you started bashing him. Since the election has passed I was hoping that people would try to be open minded and actually weigh his choices based on their merits...not on knee jerk reactions. I do think that organization is key to democracy. Only when like-minded individuals organize are they able to get recognition of their cause. It is the only way to tell if 1 citizens feels that way, or 300,000. When you have a country with more than 300 Million people, organization is key.
geebers geebers 8 years
I actually think having a site asking people to submit their ideas to is a great idea but censoring things is not - it seems odd to me that a request for further investigations into 9/11 would be denied. Hainan democracy IS about having the freedom to protest, lobby, or organize...
stephley stephley 8 years
Maybe your version of democracy isn't about protesting, lobbying or organizing. But the American version embraces all three.
StolzeMama StolzeMama 8 years
power is held by the people to ELECT officials. Democracy is not about protesting, lobbying or organizing.
StolzeMama StolzeMama 8 years
I hate lobbyists! I think they should have no right to be on capital hill. They are not in the best interest of our country. Only those with enough power to afford them. Sorry this program is just a joke.
mydiadem mydiadem 8 years
Seriously? As you said, in a democracy power is held by the people, people who can organize and lobby our elected officials. That's what this organization, as well as lots of other lobbying organizations, do.
StolzeMama StolzeMama 8 years
correction- what does this program have to do with democracy?
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