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Successful, Attractive Female Looking For Love

Dear Sugar
I am a busy and successful businesswoman and I am also newly single. I am petrified to go back out into the dating world. I don’t want to meet another money hungry loser, a womanizer or arrogant ass…but I know if I don’t get out and date, I’ll wind up an old, lonely spinster.

I work very long hours so I don’t have the free time to go to parties or to bars. I’ve considered online dating, but I have pretty high standards and I look at them as a positive thing. I am just looking to meet an equal. Do you know of any sophisticated websites where I can weed out the average Joe’s? I am not trying to be snotty, but I know the kind of man I am attracted to needs to be: successful, financially stable and smart. Big Time Belinda

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Dear Big Time Belinda
There are several upscale dating services out there. You don’t have to worry about being snotty here- you are just being honest and it’s perfectly acceptable to want to meet someone of equal status. You work hard and you are looking for a mate who shares your goals and values.

I’ve got just the site for you. Have you heard about It’s Just Lunch? It’s a matchmaking service for the dating pool of successful, attractive, well-educated singles and it has grown to become the largest dating service in the world. All of the dates you are set up on are lunch dates (or after work drinks), to best accommodate your busy schedules.

The protocol is very simple. The company sets up a one hour meeting with you where you go through a personalized screening. Typically within 48 hours you get a call about a potential date; they even make the reservations for you. After your date, you give the company feedback before your next date is selected.

If you don’t want to pursue this online, you can always call 1-800-300-9500. I say give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose. They’ve set up over 2 million dates over the past 15 years so they must be doing something right. Go get 'em tiger!

heatherp heatherp 11 years
you just have to get out there. if you want to get set-up - tell friends and family that you are single - they may knwo people. as for on line dating or dating services - you can get very good at weeding people out very quickly. also 0- you may want to attend functions, lectures, classes etc that interest you - this way you can meet someone with similar interests.
figmentbml figmentbml 11 years
my cousin met his wife on e-harmony. now whether i like the two of them together... i haven't really decided (and girls at work keep this to yourself), but she makes him happy and that's all that matters. but i've tried and it wasn't horrible. But there are lots of weird people out there, but I am sick of trying to "meet" people online because it feels sketchy and just well.. strange. i'd much rather prefer the old fashioned way.
justhelping justhelping 11 years
To be fair, I think it's important to mention that It's Just Lunch does not have a stellar reputation. While the concept is certainly a good one, the complaints from former clients and even employees are numerous.
SailorMarie SailorMarie 11 years
I'm just kidding ky, I meant that my father in law is a nut, so that is what he attracted!!! So, they were you stated!!!
Penny Penny 11 years
I did speed-dating once and it was like being at your high school reunion, but with complete strangers. I didn't get much out of it. I've also done internet dating with bad results. Won't ever do that again! I'm sticking to the old-fashioned way from now on.
kylake kylake 11 years
Well, it's only been three months for that e-harmony couple, so maybe the axes will come out next week.
SailorMarie SailorMarie 11 years
I have to say, my father in law did e-harmony and the girl he found was a real nut! What did someone say above? Similar personalities...
snowflake snowflake 11 years
Divorce does not scare me anymore (not that I plan on it), but I have sooo mush unconditional love in this house, it would not matter.
t0xxic t0xxic 11 years
Hey thats graet gl with that~
TruJrzyGirl TruJrzyGirl 11 years
Dating bites ass ... Ugh ... The older you get, the more draining and tiresome it becomes ... I'd rather own a dog.
crispet1 crispet1 11 years
Def less pressure. Good suggestion, Val. My only worry if I was about to do this is that all the girls would like the same guy. Cat fight on Table 10!
lickety-split lickety-split 11 years
there's a dating service in the bay area called 'table for6" that i thought sounded fun. they set up meals (according to your schedule) for 3 girls and 3 guys to meet and eat together. everything is paid for in advance so at the table all you do is talk and get to know a little about each person. i know one friend of a friend who did it. she didn't meet a guy but she did make a couple of good girl friends out of it. if i were single i'd like this one, more people seems like less pressure.
kylake kylake 11 years is dating website. I know a couple who met on there. You fill in a 20-something page form on yourself and what you are looking for. The site then hooks you up to people who are supposedly compatible. It's worth a look. It's not like other sites that ask goofy questions like what your favorite color is. The couple I know have been together three months and are really happy with each other. Strangely enough, they are pretty similar in their personalities so I think the website might be onto something...
crispet1 crispet1 11 years
Ive had friends do speed dating and they really enjoyed it! There is no uncomfortable feeling of obligation or anything. If you dont find a date, you might find a potential friend. No harm there! If youre open to the idea of speed dating, Google "speed dating" and your city of residence to see if any mixers are planned for this month.
sjpwannabe sjpwannabe 11 years
i've heard good things about speed dating. don't know how you find it but maybe people on here know more about it...
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