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Dear Sugar
I've recently moved to a whole new level of high school, totally different from last year. It's so suffocating and pressurizing. I feel that the increase of new subjects is too different from what I've experienced in the past years. My family has a rather tiny financial difficulty, but we can still manage. Recently, I talked to my mother and told her that I can't cope anymore. She asked if it was really necessary for me to get a tutor. I said yes. Was that wrong of me? My sister helps me occasionally, but the way she explains everything makes me more confused, however her answers are correct. I don't want to waste my parent's money on tutors if I could manage with the workload. It's just 2 months since school started, should I wait and see how it goes? One more thing, is shaving better than plucking? They say shaving leaves stubbles and stubbles are unsightly. Stressed Over Coarse

Dear Stressed
I commend you for taking on a heavy and new course load and admitting that you need some help. Learning to be your own advocate takes some people years. Consider yourself mature and responsible for wanting to do the best that you can in school. Tutors are expensive, and if finances are low how about trying a few ideas: talk to your teachers about office hours or after school one on one time. They may be open to helping you out if they see how seriously you are treating their assignments. In addition, gather a peer study group. A few heads are always better than one! You will be surprised to see that your classmates may have similar questions. Go to your teacher with these questions. If that doesn't work, then tutoring is the right way to go. School is a serious matter and you should seize the opportunity to make the grades while you can. Maintaining your GPA is very important...don't let it slip! As far as body hair is concerned, waxing is the best way to go for sensitive areas, although it costs more than plucking or shaving. Tweeze small areas and shave the rest! Also, if you shave your legs every other day, you'll minimize stubble. I recommend a little baby oil right after you get out of the shower or bath. It will keep your stems silky smooth even when the stubborn stubble starts to come through!

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