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Sugar Daddy Site Wants Charlie Sheen to Be Its Spokesman, the site that connects with wealthy men with young women willing to exchange "companionship" for Prada, is praising Charlie Sheen for living the dream and asking for his support to help other men realize it.

Paul Madison, founder of SugarSugar, penned an open letter to Sheen, saying he's an inspiration to men everywhere even if they are "socially obligated to deny it."

"It's a shame so many men feel forced to deny themselves the pursuit of happiness. Though happiness is defined differently by each individual — financial success, self-worth, creative expression — the common foundation is our appetite for women."

And SugarSugar believes Charlie Sheen is a role model to men who haven't realized their self-worth: the power of "knowing they can have any woman they want." How so? Read the rest below.

"I’ve seen timid, unexceptional males become self-assured, world-stomping supermen through the power of, frankly, knowing they can have any woman they want."

And after escalating Sheen to a savior for "unexceptional" men, Madison goes in for the pitch, sort of, passively asking him to be the new face (or a face) to

"I don’t have an ulterior agenda for this letter. I have nothing to offer that you don't already have ready access to. I only suggest that if you agree with my cause, and are willing (some might say crazy) enough to support it, I would be thrilled to work with you in any capacity to help men of all stature enjoy even a fraction of what you have created for yourself."

I don't know, SugarSugar, if I were Charlie Sheen I'd be holding out for a reality show. Or a cameo in the Arrested Development movie?

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